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SE corner of Spruce and F Ave

On Main Street between G & H Ave

Boy Scout cabin

On D Ave behind Cannonball Trailers

Blessing Boxes

There are four blessing boxes placed within the Kingman city limits.  Blessing boxes provide both a way to bless others as well as to receive a blessing.
Blessing boxes work on God's economy, meaning they will provide what is available through the generosity of some to those who need a hand up.
Acceptable items include:
*dry goods
*non-perishable items
*hygiene products
*diapers and baby formula 
*fresh vegetables that will not spoil in the KS heat
Not acceptable include:
*fresh meat
*items that require freezing or refrigeration in order to stay edible.
*used clothing (please take gently used clothing items to the local thrift stores.)
*open packaged items
*homemade food products
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